SparHawk Mint Green Teal Maine Tourmaline

This is the story of a lost Tourmaline Mine that was rediscovered just 28 miles North of Downtown Portland, Maine.

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11 Responses to SparHawk Mint Green Teal Maine Tourmaline

  1. Lorraine Willoughby says:

    These gems are beautiful, how hard are they on the gem scae of one to ten? Would they last as long as a diamond in a ring ?

    • DENNIS R. TROY says:

      As with ANY Gemstone you should never “toss” your gemstone jewelry in a box or bag. Stones rubbing against each other can produce scratches and chips especially if there are diamonds thrown in. Each gemstone should be protected from touching each other.

  2. eugene w boehne says:

    We have a great love of western Maine. We have good friends on Peaks. We will stop at the store soon. Thanks.

  3. Sherry Wynn says:

    I love the Maine SparHawk Tourmaline. I am wondering where you came up with the name SparHawk? My mother’s maiden name was Sparhawk and my grandfather, who was from NH, was William Norwood Sparhawk. My brother Ralph Sparhawk Rottet lives in Dover, NH. I’m just curious how the name came about. Thanks. Sherry Rottet Wynn

    • Hello Sherry,
      The word SparHawk originally derived from “sparrowhawk.” It is a fairly common name here in New England as I’m sure you know. We loved the sound of the name, and the Maine connections to it. This particular Maine Tourmaline is so special it really deserved it’s own New England name, and SparHawk captures the gem perfectly. I hope this answers your questions, and if you would like to talk more about the SparHawk tourmaline and the Maine connection please give us a call at 800-433-2988.

  4. I am curious as to whether you sell loose stones. As a jeweler who looks for sustainably produced fair/independent mining practices with quality stones, I am interested. The fact that a really good miner friend suggests you doesn’t hurt either. Please email me.

    Stone O’Daugherty

    • That is a great question. As a store we do not sell loose gems. We are happy to make a piece of jewelry and set the gem for you. However we do not have a loose stone program.

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